Sept. 14, 2012
Issue #100

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Bills Still Awaiting Action by Gov. Jerry Brown

Sign and Veto Request Letters Still Needed

On Monday, Sept. 4, following the final night of the 2011-12 legislative session on Friday, Aug. 30, the League published a comprehensive list of bills of interest to cities which were passed by the Legislature and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown for action. City officials are still encouraged to immediately send request for signature or veto letters as indicated below, as the Governor could take action at any time before his Sept. 30 deadline.

Key words: Action Item, Economic Development, Infrastructure Financing Districts, Redevelopment, Employee Relations, Environmental Quality, Water, Housing, Land Use, Public Safety, Public Works, Revenue and Taxation, Transportation


Registration is Now Open for 2012 City Clerks' New Law & Elections Seminar

Mark your calendars and register today for the 2012 City Clerks' New Law and Elections Seminar, scheduled for Nov. 28 – 30 in San Jose. This is the League’s premier conference for city clerks. Attendees will be offered informative sessions to learn about the new laws and policies affecting their responsibilities and be given the opportunity to network with their peers and share information.

Key words: Meetings and Events, City Clerks


California Civic Engagement Project Release First in Series of Policy Briefs

The UC Davis Center for Regional Change California Civic Engagement Project has released the first in a series of policy briefs. The brief outlines voting registration disparity for Asian and Latino populations.

Key words: Elections


A Different Perspective on Local-State Relations, League Launches New Communications & Outreach Assistance Program, and Strong Cities | Strong State

Don’t miss these articles in the September issue of Western City magazine.

Key words: Western City, Strong Cities Strong State

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