Sept. 20, 2012
Issue #101

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Governor Vetoes Bill to Restore VLF Funds to Recently Incorporated Cities

League Awaits Outcome of Pending Litigation on SB 89 VLF Sweep

Late Wednesday, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed AB 1098 (Carter), a bill that would have restored approximately $18 million in vehicle license fees (VLF) to four recently incorporated cities in Riverside County, as well as various cities that had annexed inhabited areas after 2004. The veto is a devastating blow to the recently incorporated cities that are heavily dependent on the VLF allocations that were eliminated by the passage of SB 89 of 2011.

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, State Budget, Municipal Finance, Legal Updates, Transportation


Online Retailers Begin to Collect Use Tax Under Last Year’s AB 155

As of Saturday, Sept. 15, Amazon and other online retailers began collecting use tax, including the local transactions and use tax rates (add-on sales tax rates), in compliance with last year’s AB155 (Calderon; 2011).

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, Municipal Finance

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