Feb. 28, 2013
Issue #24

Editor's Note

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Two Events Planned for NLC Congressional City Conference Attendees

California attendees registered for the National League of Cities (NLC) Congressional City Conference in Washington D.C. on March 9-13 are invited to attend the following events for California city officials.

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League Members to Vote on Board of Directors Approved Amendments to League Bylaws

In November 2012, the League’s board of directors approved two proposed amendments to the League bylaws which must be approved by a two-thirds vote of those members voting in order to take effect. A mail ballot will be sent out to all member cities on Tuesday, March 5. Member cities will have 45 days to vote.

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League Members Support Litigation Strategy

Cities are loyal to the League and supportive of its services. In November the board of directors approved the 2013 League dues schedule with no increase. It is the same dues schedule that has been in effect since 2008. The board also asked members to pay an optional surcharge to support litigation the League is undertaking on behalf of all cities. More than 97 percent of cities maintain their membership in the League, even during these times of continuing financial stress.  Remarkably, more than half of them have paid the optional surcharge.

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