April 26, 2013

Issue #45

Editor's Note

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Governor Brown Meets with League Board

Gov. Jerry Brown spent almost an hour talking with the League board of directors on April 25 about criminal justice realignment, local control, economic development, the roles of the various levels of government, his commitment to building new infrastructure in the state and his philosophy on government.

Key words: Board, Economic Development, Realignment

Busy Week in Sacramento for EZ Advocates

Enterprise Zones (EZs) were a focus of League advocacy efforts this week. The League has long promoted EZs as a key tool to help cities with local economic development; in this year’s political climate cities must advocate for their survival.

Key words: Action Item, Economic Development, Legislation

Billion Dollar Riverfront Makeover Emerges From Flood Project Buttressed by Tax-Increment Financing

State-Local Partnership Once Again Provides Impetus and Structure for a Showcase Success

Note: With job creation and affordable housing on the minds of public officials across California, the power of state-local partnerships in creating good paying construction and other private sector jobs merits attention. This is part of a series of special papers on some successful partnerships.

Key words: Strong Cities | Strong State, Affordable Housing, Economic Development

Federal TIGER, COPS Hiring Program and Community Policing Grants Announced

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) this week announced grant funds to be awarded to projects with significant impact on the nation, a metropolitan area, or a region. Brief descriptions of each grant program, with links to the various websites, are available to help the application process.

Key words: Transportation, Federal, Public Safety
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