April 16, 2012
Issue #38

Editor's Note

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Bills in Commitee: April 16 – 20

See what bills the League is tracking this week in committee.

Key words: AB 1627 (Dickinson), AB 2312 (Ammiano), SB 1002 (Yee), SB 1330 (Simitian), AB 2387 (Smyth), AB 1551 (Torres), AB 1687 (Fong), SB 986 (Dutton), SB 1003 (Yee), SB 1336 (Yee), AB 2231 (Fuentes), Vehicle Miles Traveled, Medical Marijuana, Public Records, License Plate Recognition Technology, Cal/OSHA, Public Safety Employees Accidents, Workers' Compensation, Redevelopment Bond Proceeds, Open Meetings, Investigations, Sidewalks, Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection, Assembly Public Safety, Senate Judiciary, Assembly Appropriations, Senate Governance and Finance, Assembly Local Government.


Walmart Launches Campaign to Fight Hunger in U.S. Cities

Learn how your city can win grants to help fight hunger.

Key words: Walmart, Grants, Hunger

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