May 10, 2013

Issue #50

Editor's Note

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Three Anti-Development Bills Threaten Local Economies and Local Control

With California’s economy barely recovering and millions of Californians still out of work, three bills that impede local development projects continue to move through the Legislature.

Legislation, Economic Development, Land Use

The League Presents Local Streets and Roads Needs Survey Results to California Transportation Commission

The League and California State Association of Counties on Tuesday presented the results of the 2012 California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment to the California Transportation Commission (CTC).


CalTRUST Reaches Milestones in Assets and Education

In 2003, a group of local government treasurers and finance officers sought a safe investment vehicle other than the state pool.

Fiscal Officers, City Managers

Volunteer Judges Needed for the 2013 Helen Putnam Award for Excellence Selection Process

The League is calling for dedicated volunteers to help select the 2013 Helen Putnam Award winners.

League Partners, Helen Putnam

Best Best & Krieger to Offer AB 1825 Training on May 16

Best Best & Krieger is offering AB 1825 — Sexual Harassment Avoidance Training at all of the California BB&K offices through our two-way video conferencing services.

City Managers, City Attorneys, Personnel & Employee Relations

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