June 26, 2013

Issue #70

Editor's Note

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Bill Threating Local Voter Rights Moves to Assembly Labor and Employment Committee

League President and Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard led a coalition of city officials who testified today in opposition to SB 7 (Steinberg) during the Assembly Local Government Committee hearing.

Infrastructure, Legislation, Hot Bills, Public Works

Enterprise Zone Elimination Bill Passes Senate Floor, Returns to Assembly

The Senate debated a measure last night to eliminate the state’s Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program. After a passionate discussion on the merits of AB 93 (Committee on Budget), the Senate approved the measure largely by a 30–9 party line vote.

Economic Development, Enterprise Zones

Rushed Transparency Measure Raises League Concerns

Transparency measure SCA 3 (Leno) is quickly making its way through the legislative process despite concerns regarding costly and cherry-picked mandates. The Senate Appropriations Committee passed the measure on Tuesday sending it to the full Senate for a vote.

Legislation, Open Government
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