July 18, 2013

Issue #79

Editor's Note

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League Board of Directors Approves Immigration Reform Principles

Congress Urged to Take Swift Action to Enact Comprehensive Reform

The League of California Cities at its board of directors meeting last week in San Diego adopted nine immigration reform principles developed by the League’s Immigration Reform Task Force.

Federal, League Policy, Board

Cities for Workforce Health July 31 Deadline Approaching

As part of Tier 3 of the Cities for Workforce Health initiative, up to five California cities will be selected to receive one-on-one consultation and a $5,000 credit towards wellness programming through Kaiser Permanente HealthWorks.

League Partners, Cities for Workforce Health

Local Communities to Receive $2 Million in Art Funding

The California Arts Council recently announced it is receiving an additional $2 million in funding as a result of surplus savings from the 2013 State Assembly operating budget.

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