July 23, 2013

Issue #80

Editor's Note

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League Files Motions for Reconsideration/New Trial in AB 1484 Litigation

On July 22, the League of California Cities filed motions for reconsideration and new trial with the Sacramento County Superior Court in the League’s litigation challenging the constitutionality of various provisions of AB 1484.
Economic Development, Redevelopment, Legal Updates, Revenue & Taxation

All Eyes on Central Valley SD 16 Run-Off Election

Candidates Squaring Off are in the Midst of an Expensive Special Election to Determine the Fate of a Democratic Senate Supermajority

The Senate District (SD) 16 run-off election is one of two special elections scheduled today.

Elections, Senate

Assembly Democrats Lack Supermajority as AD 52 Special Election Commences

The race to fill the recently vacated Assembly District (AD) 52 seat officially begins today with seven Democratic candidates vying for the post.

Elections, Assembly
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