April 23, 2012
Issue #42

Editor's Note

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Bills in Committee: April 23 – 27

It’s going to be very busy in the Capitol this week with the Legislature set to hear 665 bills in various committees by Thursday.

Key words: Legislation


More Changes Underway for Corrections as Realignment Progresses

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) announced changes are underway to address population management, staffing, and facilities use in light of the new realities resulting from realignment.

Key words: Public Safety


Little Hoover Commission Schedules Public Hearings on Governor's Reorganization Plan

The Little Hoover Commission has scheduled public hearings on April 23 – 25 to review Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to reorganize a number of state agencies.

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, State Budget



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