April 26, 2012
Issue #44

Editor's Note

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League’s Post-Redevelopment Working Group to Review Controller’s Letter on Transfer of Assets Request

The State Controller sent a letter to cities and counties earlier this week, ordering them to transfer assets to successor agencies that cities or counties may have received from their redevelopment agencies after Jan. 1, 2011. The extensiveness of this requirement has raised a number of questions from many local officials.

Key words: City Attorneys, Redevelopment, Legal Updates


Governor Signs PLA Bill Targeting Charter Cities Despite League Request for Veto

On Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed League-opposed SB 829 (Rubio) prohibiting the use of state funds for any construction project in a charter city with a ban on project labor agreements (PLAs).

Key words: Public Contracting, Public Works, Revenue and Taxation, Municipal Finance


League Hosts Successful Legislative Action Days in Sacramento This Week

More than 150 city officials from across the state traveled to the two day conference designed to brief city officials on breaking legislative issues.

Key words: Legislation, Meetings and Events


League Launches New Website

Tuesday the League launched its newly designed and reorganized website.

Key words:Technology

CSCDA Seeks Projects Located in Low Income Neighborhoods for Tax Credit Program

The California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA) can now facilitate investment in low-income communities through the use of New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) and is currently seeking potential projects to include in the allocation pipeline.

Key words: Economic Development, Affordable Housing, Housing, Revenue and Taxation, Municipal Finance

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