December 11, 2013

Issue #121

Editor's Note

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Favorable Court Decision Reached in AB 1484 Clawback Case

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny issued his ruling this week in League of California Cities v. Ana Matosantos. Judge Kenny declared that the sales and use clawback provisions of AB 1484 (2012) violated various constitutional provisions. The clawback provisions of AB 1484 allowed the Department of Finance (DOF) to order city sales and use taxes to be withheld where DOF determined that a city’s successor agency did not pay the amount demanded by DOF in the true-up payment or due diligence review process.

Legal Updates

Bipartisan Federal Budget Deal Reached Three Days before Budget Committee Deadline

Leaders from the House and Senate Tuesday revealed a bipartisan budget deal that lays out the federal government’s spending plan through Sept. 30, 2015. The House is expected to vote on the measure on Thursday.

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