May 7, 2012
Issue #49

Editor's Note

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Opposition Letters Needed as Burdensome SB 1330 Heads to Senate Floor

SB 1330 (Simitian), a bill which would limit license plate recognition (LPR) data retention, could be voted on as early as Thursday on the Senate floor. The League urges city officials to send opposition letters immediately to their senators.

Key words: Public Safety, Transportation


League Supports Brownfields Bill SB 1335

For the past few months, the League has been working with Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) to secure amendments to SB 1335 and has now taken a support position for the bill.

Key words: Economic Development, Redevelopment


Bills in Commitee: May 7 – 11

See what bills the League is tracking this week in committee.

Key words: Legislation


League President Appoints Board of Directors Nominating Committee

Submit Your Nomination for the Board by May 11

The League of California Cities welcomes nominations from elected officials interested in serving in six at-large position (two-year terms), or second vice president (one-year term).

Key words: Board



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