May 9, 2012
Issue #50

Editor's Note

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Gov. Jerry Brown’s May Budget Revise Expected on Monday, May 14

Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to issue his budget May Revise on Monday, May 14, containing updates to state revenue and cost projections.  The question remains what, if any, proposals the Governor may include affecting the dissolution of redevelopment agencies.

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, State Budget, Economic Development, Redevelopment


League-Supported Animal Control Bill Set for Hearing on Monday

City officials are encouraged to send support letters for SB 1162 (Runner) before its heard on Monday, May 14. This bill authorizes animal control officers, upon receiving training and approval from their authorizing agency, to administer a tranquilizer to subdue a wild or dangerous animal that may pose an emergency safety threat to the community or itself. 

Key words: Action Item, Public Safety, Legislation


League-Supported Legislation on Housing Element Headed to the Assembly Floor

Today League-supported AB 2308 (Torres) was passed out of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee. This bill would allow local governments to reduce its share of the regional housing need by the number of housing units built between the start of the projection period and the deadline for adoption of the housing element.

Key words: Action Item, Housing, Affordable Housing, Legislation

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