May 13, 2014

Issue #39

Editor's Note

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Governor Unveils FY 2014-15 May Revise

Minor, But Positive, Adjustments for Programs of City Interest  

Gov. Jerry Brown took to the podium earlier today to release his much anticipated FY 2014-15 May Revise budget proposal. Despite the improved fiscal picture, Governor Brown called on the Legislature to “follow a policy of restraint going forward.” Among the highlights for cities is a modest boost in funds for front-line law enforcement funding to $40 million, a proposal to begin to repay pre-2004 owed local government mandates, additional augmentations to drought relief programs and some modest changes to the Governor’s Infrastructure Finance District proposal.

Revenue & Taxation, State Budget

U.S. Senate Committee Releases Federal Transportation Reauthorization Proposal

Late Monday night the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) leadership released a much awaited proposal. Initial analysis indicates the six-year proposal maintains current budget levels with indexing for inflation.

Federal, Public Works, Transportation
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