July 7, 2014

Issue #56

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Strategic Growth Council Will Hold Meeting This Thursday on Cap-and-Trade Funds

The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) has scheduled a meeting for Thursday, July 10 at 10 a.m., to discuss and take preliminary actions on the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program of the FY 2014-15 Cap-and-Trade Expenditure Plan. The meeting represents the first of many meetings and hearings expected after the enactment of the Cap-and-Trade Expenditure Plan as part of the FY 2014-15 Budget Act.

Environmental Quality, Cap-and-Trade, State Budget

$100 Million in State Mandate Reimbursements Included in FY 2014-15 State Budget

The signed FY 2014-15 State Budget includes $100 million to begin repayment to cities, counties and special districts for state mandated costs owed.  The state owes a total $900 million for pre-2004 state mandate reimbursements to local governments. The budget includes a provision that up to an additional $800 million may be paid if state revenues exceed forecasts. The Department of Finance (DOF) will have the administrative authority to make this determination in the 2015 May Revise.

State Budget, Municipal Finance, Revenue and Taxation

June 2014 Policy Committee Summary

The League’s eight standing policy committees met last month in Sacramento. The League’s policy making process relies on the participation of a diverse group of city officials from across the state and is an integral part of shaping the League’s priorities.

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UPDATE: All Majority Vote Local Taxes Pass

Last month, voters in the California consolidated election decided on more than 140 local measures. After the all final ballots were counted, results showed that all California majority vote local taxes passed. The school bond passage rate was also 100 percent (all were extensions that did not increase the rate). Three out of four school bonds for a total of $2.4 billion passed. The final report is available on the California Local Government Finance Almanac’s website.

Elections, Revenue and Taxation
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