June 8, 2012
Issue #61

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Legislature Preparing for Budget Next Week

With the June 15 constitutional deadline to pass a budget, Democratic leadership are working behind the scenes in order to address outstanding items. Republicans are left out of the negotiations because  Proposition 25, passed in November 2010, requires only a majority vote.

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, State Budget, Economic Development, Redevelopment, Public Safety


Under the Radar: Important Issues Not to Be Overshadowed by Budget

While much of the attention in the next week will be focused on the state budget, there are also a number of other important items of which cities should be aware.

Key words: Employee Relations, Pension Reform, Environmental Quality, Water, Housing, Transportation


League’s California Civic Leadership Institute Graduates Fare Well in June Primary

Graduates of the League’s California Civic Leadership Institute (CCLI) fared well during the recent June 5 primary election. The League commends these individuals who aspire to serve in the Legislature. Candidates who come from local government backgrounds truly understand the state/local dynamic.

Key words: League Partners, CCLI


GEELA Award Adds New Subcategory for Plug-in Electric Vehicle Ready Communities

Applications Due June 22

Gov. Jerry Brown has announced that the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Awards (GEELA) application is now available on the CalEPA website. Applications are due by June 22.

Key words: Environmental Quality, Greenhouse Gases, Revenue and Taxation, Grants and Funding


The Hit List from WesternCity.com

Western City magazine has compiled its most popular stories into a “Hit List” showing the top five articles on WesternCity.com during the past month.

Key words: Western City


National Civic Review Profiles Fiscal Sustainability in Southern California Local Governments

The latest issue of the National Civic Review, explores the successes of four government entities in Southern California — two cities, a county and a school district — in adapting to a difficult and unpredictable fiscal environment. The articles are now available for free.

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, Municipal Finance


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