June 15, 2012
Issue #63

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Unfinished Product: Legislature Passes Budget Bill, Additional Trailer Bills to be Considered Later

Today, both the Senate and Assembly passed the main budget bill, AB 1464, and six budget-related trailer bills. Technically speaking, this package allows the Legislature to meet the constitutional deadline to pass a budget by June 15, and avoid forfeiting salary pursuant to Proposition 25 (2010).

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, State Budget, Legislation, Economic Development, Redevelopment


Local Government Concerns Delay Drafting of Redevelopment Trailer Bill

Keep Up the Heat!

Thanks to the numerous city officials who have contacted their legislators, progress has been delayed on the development of redevelopment trailer bill language, because many Democrat legislators are now pushing in their caucuses for a redevelopment trailer bill that will work for the cities.

Key words: Action Item, Economic Development, Redevelopment, Legislation


Oral Arguments Heard Today in League of California Cities v. Chiang and Matosantos

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Lloyd Connelly heard oral arguments in League of California Cities v. Chiang and Ana Matosantos today.

Key words: Legal Updates, Public Safety, Revenue and Taxation, State Budget, Municipal Finance


Last Year’s Parking Bill AB 710 Resurrected in AB 904

Creates Disincentive for Infill Projects and Hurts Affordable Housing

On Tuesday, AB 904 (Skinner) was gutted and amended from an energy bill into a revival of last year’s parking bill, AB 710 (Skinner).

Key words: Housing, Public Works


New ILG Resource Addresses Public Engagement and Realignment

The Institute for Local Government (ILG) has developed resources on the topics of public safety realignment and the reentry of the formerly incarcerated back into the community.  

Key words: Institute for Local Government, Public Safety


NLC Selects League’s Executive Director Chris McKenzie for Executive Search Committee

National League of Cities (NLC) President Ted Ellis has announced that with the retirement of Executive Director Don Borut, a new nine-member committee will head up the search for his replacement. League of California Cities’ Executive Director Chris McKenzie has been selected for the committee.

Key words: NLC


Have You Read the June Issue of Western City Magazine Yet?

Don’t miss these articles in the June issue of Western City magazine.

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