Sept. 2, 2014

Issue #76


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End of Session Wrap-Up

Cities Encouraged to Send Sign and Veto Letters

The 2013-14 biennial legislative session wrapped up after 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning. End of session activities and fights were mild when compared to prior years. And while session ran late on the final night, the Legislature adjourned days before the constitutional deadline of midnight on Aug. 31. In fact, the session dragged into Saturday morning only because two bills were not eligible to be heard until that day. 

Legislation, Hot Bills

San Diego County Superior Court Judge Upholds Tentative Ruling Finding SB 7 Constitutional

The League of California Cities learned earlier today that Judge Joel Wohlfeil upheld his tentative ruling issued last week holding that SB 7 was not unconstitutional. In his final ruling, the Court concluded that there was no conflict between SB 7 and charter provisions or ordinances that allow a charter city to not require contractors to pay prevailing wages on projects solely funded with local funds.

Legal Updates, Public Contracting

CPUC Issues Decision on State Video Franchise Renewal

On Thursday, Aug. 28, the California Public Utilities Commission issued a decision rules to establish the rules that holders of state video franchises (such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, AT&T and others) must follow to obtain renewal of their franchises issued pursuant to the Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act of 2006 (DIVCA). The League originally reported on the issue in CA Cities Advocate on June 19.

Public Works

Air Resources Board Announces Public Workshops on SB 375 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Target Updates

The Air Resources Board (ARB) has announced three public workshops to discuss and receive input on the Preliminary Draft Staff Report on the SB 375 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Target Update Process. All workshops will follow the same format and presentation, focusing on issues that should be considered before the Board updates the regional passenger vehicle greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for the State Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). The workshops are intended to solicit input from stakeholders and Metropolitan Planning Organizations prior to an October 2014 board meeting on this topic.

Land Use, Environmental Quality

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