Oct. 7, 2014

Issue #94

Editor's Note

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FPPC Investigation Fines Public Officials Who Failed to Report Gifts from Bond-Finance Company

The San Diego Union Tribune this week reported that hundreds of public officials from throughout California failed to report various gifts from Stone & Young, a former municipal bond underwriter that has subsequently been acquired by Stifel Financial Corp. The article, “Hundreds fail to report bond-firm meals,” appeared yesterday on the newspaper’s website. The items not reported include meals, baseball tickets, brownies and other gifts. The California Fair Practices Campaign Commission (FPPC) has issued warning letters to 167 of the public officials, but it is proposed that 93 others be fined up to $200 for each year they failed to report the gifts. The FPPC has agendized more than $18,000 in total fines for approval next week.


League Offering Oil-by-Rail Safety Webinar Series

The League of California Cities is hosting a series of webinars for local elected leaders, public safety officials and interested city staff about the increasing transport of crude oil by rail. 

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