July 2, 2012
Issue #71

Editor's Note

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AB 1484 Summary and Timeline Available on League Website

On June 28, the League published two documents to help city officials begin to understand and implement AB 1484. These documents were updated today.
Key words: Economic Development, Redevelopment


California Supreme Court Affirms State Prevailing Wage Requirements Do Not Apply to Charter Cities

Today, the California Supreme Court concluded that the state’s prevailing wage law does not apply to charter cities that exempt themselves from prevailing wage requirements for local public works projects.
Key words: Legal Updates


Bills in Committee: July 2 – 6

This week, despite the mid-week holiday, the Legislature anticipates that it will begin to address some of the more significant outstanding items for this legislative session before breaking for their summer recess.
Key words: Hot Legislation, Legislative Hearings


Town of Mammoth Lakes Files for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Protection

The Town of Mammoth Lakes issued this news release on July 2 announcing that the council had voted to authorize the filing of Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Protection.
Key words: administrative services, municipal finance, revenue and taxation


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