July 23, 2012
Issue #79

Editor's Note

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Build America Mutual Assurance Company Launches, Dedicated to Serving Municipal Markets

On July 23, Build America Mutual Assurance Company (BAM), announced its formation as the financial guaranty industry’s first mutual bond insurer dedicated to serving the U.S. municipal market.

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, Municipal Finance


CaliforniaCityFinance.com Posts New HUTA Estimates

CaliforniaCityFinance.com has posted new city-by-city and county-by-county revenue motor vehicle excise fuel tax, or Highway Users Tax Account (HUTA), estimates for FY 2011-12 and FY 2012-13 at http://www.californiacityfinance.com/HUTAupdate120715.pdf

Key words: Revenue and Taxation, Municipal Finance, Transportation


The Hit List from WesternCity.com

Western City magazine has compiled its most popular stories into a “Hit List” showing the top five articles on WesternCity.com during the past month. This list reflects the topics of greatest interest to California city officials during the month of July.

Key words: Western City, Open Government, Environmental Quality, Water

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