Aug. 27, 2012
Issue #92

Editor's Note

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Bills on the Floor: Aug. 27-31

This is the last week of the Legislative session and many of the bills the League has been tracking in committees this year are on the Senate or Assembly floor awaiting action.

Key words: Legislation, Meetings and Events, Legislative Hearings


Gut and Amend Report: Monday, Aug. 27

The last week of session is typically filled with last minute gut and amends. This year is no different. The following bills are still being analyzed by League staff for potential impacts to cities. Over the next days and hours some of these bills may gather momentum and move forward, others may stall given reaction by various interest groups and legislators. The League will take positions on bills that have major impacts on cities. City officials should watch for action alerts in the next few days on priority issues.

Key words: Legislation, Administrative Services, Community Services, Environmental Quality, Employee Relations, Housing, Transportation, Public Safety, Revenue and Taxation




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