Fire Chiefs Department

  •  A Message From Eric Nickel, 2018 Fire Chiefs' Department President

    Chiefs, we need you – the department’s success is tied to your participation. No one can better advocate for your agency and city than you!
    The League of California Cities was established in 1899 to expand and protect local control for cities through education and advocacy to enhance the quality of life for all Californians. There are many local control issues facing our fire departments, including the right to determine your service levels. It is the policy of the League to work towards a solution clarifying the definition of local control and provide broad statutory authority for local officials to determine emergency service levels.
    The League has many resources to assist cities and fire departments. Within the League, there are 10 professional departments that represent all facets of city governance. The League of California Cities Fire Chiefs Department is charged with engaging, influencing, and informing state and local policymakers on matters affecting fire and emergency services and other local issues. To achieve this, the Fire Chiefs Department relies heavily on the expertise, leadership and collaborative support of Fire Chiefs statewide to safeguard and enhance local control for California cities through education and advocacy.
    The Fire Chiefs Department conducts conference calls on the second Thursday of each month at 0800 hours, and uses a listserv to push out information and to identify the needs of the members. We hope you can join us!
    As the name implies, the focus of the League is on California cities. However, this does not mean you need to be employed by a city to become a member. There are very few fire districts and county fire departments in the State of California that do not serve incorporated cities who are League members.
    It is my honor to be your President for the League of California Cities Fire Chiefs Department.  The department and the fire service are embarking on a very exciting year that will be filled with interesting challenges requiring creative and collaborative solutions.  As your president, I am committed to working side-by-side with our League members, the California Fire Chiefs Association, and other mutual partners as we better serve our diverse communities and the citizens of California’s cities.


    Eric Nickel, Fire Chief, City of Palo Alto

  • The Fire Chiefs Department is made up of municipal fire service leadership who represent departments that provide direct fire service to cities: five executive leaders, eight policy committee members, and additional "at-large" members who contribute to conference planning, research, and representing the League on various state and local advisory committees.

    Department Officers

    Each year, the Fire Chiefs Department elects officers to oversee the work of the department and represent the department on the League's board of directors and other League policy committees. Fire Chiefs who are interested in pursuing a leadership role with the League should contact Charles Harvey.

    2017-2018 Department Officers

    President - Eric Nickel, Palo Alto Fire Department Chief
    1st Vice President - Dan Stefano, Costa Mesa Fire Department Chief
    Second Vice-President - John Binaski, Clovis Fire Department Chief
    Director - Vacant
    Past President - Mike McLaughlin, Consumnes Fire Department Chief

    *Terms are for one year, ending in September, except the director who serves a two-year term.


  • Fire chiefs also provide a link between city government and fire service organizations including:


    Regulatory Working Groups, Task Forces, Committee Information

    The League holds a number of appointments to various state and regional regulatory bodies. If you are interested in serving on behalf of the League, please contact

    Statewide Training and Education Advisory Committee (STEAC)                          
    Appointees - Chief Ron Myers, North County Fire Authority (Brisbane, Daly City, Pacifica); Chief Charles Hurley, Oroville Fire Department

    California Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee (CalSIEC)
     Appointees - Chief Tim Ieronimo, Hanford Fire Department; Chief Alex Rodriguez, Santa Fe Springs Fire Department

    Legislative Resources

    Legislative and Regulatory Changes Affecting the Fire Service Delivery of EMS - 2015 Annual Conference presentation outline.

    Current Legislation Impacting Fire Service and Public Safety - Learn about the issues that we review and make recommendations on for action in Sacramento.

    Handouts, Presentations and Reports

    Are you a fire chief who provides services to one or more cities and is looking to get involved with the League's Fire Chiefs' Department? Download our annual report or brochure to learn about how you can become part of the policy committees, legislative reviews, a planning member, or even executive officer of the Department.

    Annual Report Archive

    Annual Conference Presentations by Chief Bruce Martin

    AB 210 Fire Service Webinar Materials, held June 6 & June 8, 2011

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