Corporate Tax Trick

The “Tax Fairness, Transparency and Accountability Act” is in fact a Corporate Tax Trick funded by billion dollar corporations to shift a bigger tax burden onto families and small businesses while hurting local communities.

The League is part of the Committee to Protect Our Communities, a coalition of local government and union groups that formed to oppose this corporate tax trick. If it qualifies for the November 2018 ballot, citizen will need to know that this corporate tax trick is in fact the opposite of taxpayer protection.
The truth is that this initiative would make it possible for special corporate interests, like Big Soda and Big Oil, to avoid paying the fees and taxes they currently pay, even when their business harms local communities or hurts the environment.
How does it hurt local communities? It would undercut the ability of local voters to determine what local investments are important and instead gives corporations a “free lunch” so to speak by letting them not pay their fair share for impact their business has on California communities. The measure’s provisions would put essential municipal services — public safety, healthcare, libraries and infrastructure — at serious risk.
The special interests behind this proposal do not have the interests of families, small businesses and the communities they call home. Funders, who have already dumped millions of dollars into the effort to gather signatures of the measure, come from oil, insurance, pharma, soda and more. The largest funder is the American Beverage Association, which spent over $25 million two years ago in California trying to defeat, unsuccessfully, local soda tax initiatives to prevent childhood obesity and improve the health of communities. 

Visit the Committee to Protect Our Communities website to join the coalition. Read the Committee to Protect Our Communities Fact Sheet.
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