League Strategic Goal on Housing

One of the four strategic goals for 2017 adopted by the League's board of directors and other organization leaders focuses on housing afforrdability.  This goal shapes how the League engages on housing legislation and other policy proposals. 
  • Improve the Affordability of Workforce Housing and Secure Additional Funds for Affordable Housing. Increase state and federal financial support, reduce regulatory barriers, and provide additional incentives and local financial tools to address the affordability of workforce housing and increase the availability of affordable housing.

Blueprint for More Housing

Local elected leaders are acutely aware of the severity of California’s housing affordability crisis and our role in fashioning solutions. While numerous factors are contributing to the problem, it is agreed that more needs to be done to create a path for and streamline new housing
construction. Local governments do not build homes. But cities are
responsible for planning and land use decisions that allow housing to be built.
The League of California Cities is sponsoring Senate Bill 540 by Senator Richard Roth as a means of planning for and streamlining housing approvals and construction. 

Blueprint for More Housing Legislation

In the News

Recent Reports that Focus on Local Government Permitting and Approval Process



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