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CA Cities Advocate Issues as of January 2018

CA Cities Advocate: City of Rialto Using SB 1 Funds for Active Transportation Plan, Stay Connected witht he League of Social Media, Coalition Supporting Passage of Prop.  69/Opposing Any Effort to Repeal Transportation Funding Continues to Grow

CA Cities Advocate: SB 35 Determinations Issues; What's Next for Cities, 99.99 Percent of Cities Submit SB 1 Project Lists to CTC, Governor Proposes Rain Water Capture System Incentive Advances to Statewide Ballot

CA Cities Advocate: Proposition Numbers Released for June 2018 Ballot Measures, New Legislation SB 827 to Dramatically Alter Local Planning, the Gov's State of the State, and Governor Proposes Cap-and-Trade Expenditures and New Zero-Emission Vehicle Target

CA Cities Advocate:  Over 150 New City Officials Attended the Newly Elected Mayors and Council Members Training in Sacramento, Complete the League Membership Survey by Jan. 28, DOF Releases HUTA Estimates for FY 2018-19 Budget

CA Cities Advocate: League Supports Water and Parks Bond, Hundreds of City Officials in Sacramento this Week, Caucus Elects Sen. Toni Atkins

CA Cities Advocate: Budget Proposal Analysis

CA Cities Advocate: 2017 Annual Report, Updated SB 1 Press Kit, Federal Marijuana Enforcement Policy

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