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Apply Now for the Coastal Cities Group 2019 Leadership Committee

Deadline to Submit Letters of Interest is Oct. 1

August 24, 2018
Incoming League President Jan Arbuckle is soliciting applicants to serve on the League’s Coastal Cities Issues Group (CCG) 2019 Leadership Committee. 
Applicants must be from one of the 61 cities that fall within California’s coastal zone.
The Leadership Committee comprises one elected official and their respective city manager, or their staff designee, from each of the six regions within the coastal zone. Working with the chair and vice chair, Leadership Committee members and their staff designees will help facilitate the operations of the CCG, play a key role in its activities, including building relationships with members of the California Coastal Commission and staff.
Committee members must also be willing to serve as a point of contact for the Coastal Commission for cities within their coastal region. Additional information including committee responsibilities, and the six coastal regions, is available online.
There will be several vacancies on the committee in 2019 as a number of members term out of office. The committee's upcoming term will run Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2019. Currently serving members can reapply annually.
To apply for the Leadership Committee, please address a letter of interest to incoming League President Jan Arbuckle with your request and a brief bio or background statement. The statement should outline why you would be a good candidate to serve all coastal cities on the committee and your background in the CCG or coastal issues. Additionally, please indicate in your application if you are interested in applying for chair or vice chair.
Oct. 1 is the deadline to apply. After the application period closes, President Arbuckle will make her appointments in the fall and will notify all applicants of their status.
Please send your letters and supporting materials to League Legislative Policy Analyst Derek Dolfie or call (916) 658-8218 with questions.

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