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League-Supported Bill to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules in California Moves to Assembly Floor

August 23, 2018
The Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee on Aug. 22 passed SB 822 (Wiener), sending the net neutrality bill to the Assembly Floor for a vote. 
The committee previously gutted an earlier version of the bill. 
Careful negotiations restored many of SB 822’s original major net neutrality protections. The bill in this form reflects policies supported unanimously by the League’s Transportation, Communications, and Public Works Policy Committee, a position the board of directors also ratified.
Consistent with existing policy, the League fully supports reinstating net neutrality protections here in California, especially in light of the recent FCC actions that repealed such protections nationally.

The ability for cities, their residents, and businesses, as customers and edge providers, to have access to high quality content is essential for the success of entire communities. As customers its critical for city services, such as fire and police response, not to have their internet services or services that they must access online, throttled during times of emergency. It is also important for city residents and businesses to interact meaningfully with their government, which is increasingly occurring online.
Net neutrality will prevent internet service providers from blocking, throttling, degrading, or providing for paid prioritization of lawful content, applications, or services. Strong protections for a free and open internet spur innovation and help close digital divides in communities throughout California, ensuring our collective success. Cities throughout California will continue to welcome collaboration with internet service providers in ensuring our communities have access to the latest, fastest, and most reliable services.
Next Steps
The full Assembly will now consider SB 822. A companion measure, SB 460 (de León) was also passed on a 9–3 vote in the same committee and awaits further action in the Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protections.

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