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CTC Announces May 1 Deadline to Submit SB 1 Project Lists

Cities Must Adopt FY 18–19 SB 1 Project Lists by Resolution

March 9, 2018
The California Transportation Commission (CTC) recently released updated draft 2018 annual reporting guidelines for local streets and roads funding. 
These guidelines set May 1, 2018 as the deadline for all cities and counties to submit their FY 2018–19 SB 1 project lists to become eligible for SB 1 funds.
Per Streets and Highways Code Section 2034, cities MUST adopt their project lists via resolution. Cities may not adopt project lists through the budget. Project lists must also be submitted to the CTC through the agency’s online portal. The portal is currently being finalized and the League will update its members on the details when they are available. The League will be partnering with the CTC in early April to educate cities on the online portal and submission process.
Oct. 1 is the deadline for cities and counties to submit FY 2017–18 expenditure reports to the CTC via the same online portal.

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