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Upcoming Bills in Committee, May 7– 8

May 7, 2018
May is a very busy month in the Capitol with a full agenda of legislative policy committees, fiscal committees and the upcomig release of the Governor's May Budget Revise.
Some hearings, if not all, will be televised. The Senate and Assembly publish weekly television schedules, but audio is always available online. In addition, many hearings are also webcast via the California Channel.
Here are a number of upcoming hearings of interest to cities:
May 7
Senate Appropriations, 10:30 a.m., State Capitol, Room 4203
  • SB 1038 (Leyva) California Fair Employment and Housing Act: violations: personal liability. League position: Oppose. 
May 8
Assembly Judiciary, 9 a.m., State Capitol, Room 437
  • AB 2123 (Cervantres) District-based elections. League position: Support. 
Senate Judiciary, 1:30 p.m., State Capitol, Room 112
  • SB 1244 (Wiecokwski) Public records: disclosure. League position: Oppose.
May 9
Assembly Appropriations, 9 a.m., State Capitol, Room 4202
  • AB 2020 (Quirk) Cannabis: local jurisdiction licenses: temporary event license. League position: Support.
  • AB 2069 (Bonta) Medicinal cannabis: employment discrimination. League position: Oppose.
  • AB 2363 (Friedman) Vision Zero Task Force. League position: Support.
  • AB 2411 (McCarty) Solid waste: use of compost: planning. League position: Support.
  • AB 2880 (Harper) Political Reform Act of 1974: local enforcement. League position: Support.
  • AB 3147 (Caballero) Fee mitigation act: housing developments. League position: Oppose.
  • HOT AB 3162 (Friedman) Alcoholism or drug abuse treatment facilities. League position: Support. 
Assembly Local Government, 1:30 p.m., State Capitol, Room 447
  • AB 3194 (Daly) Housing Accountability Act: project approval. League position: Oppose Unless Amended. 
May 14
Senate Appropriations, 10 a.m., State Capitol, Room 4203
  • SB 937 (Wiener) Lactation accommodation. League position: Oppose Unless Amended.

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