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CTC Reports that All Cities and Counties Have Met Transportation Funding Reporting and Accountability Requirements

October 26, 2018
The California Transportation Commission’s (CTC) Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Preliminary Annual Project Expenditure Report shows that 100 percent of all cities and counties are meeting the reporting and accountability requirements under SB 1.
This landmark League-supported legislation doubled the amount of transportation funding for every city in California to pay for the repair, maintenance, and prevention of further deterioration of local streets and roads. It also contained strict reporting and accountability measures to track every dollar spent on transportation improvements.
There are two main accountability requirements cities and counties must meet under SB 1. In order to be eligible for and receive funding, cities and counties must submit a project list adopted by a resolution during a local public meeting every year. Additionally, every city and county that is made eligible for funding must annually submit a report to the CTC detailing every dollar spent on local transportation projects.
In the first year of full reporting, 100 percent of cities and counties that received funding complied with their Local Streets and Roads Funding Program accountability requirements.
More than 2,000 transportation projects have already been completed or are currently in progress in their own communities with just one year’s worth of funding. The preliminary report further shows that an additional 1,200 projects have been carried over to the next fiscal year, with more projects forecasted out in the near future.
With billions of dollars needed to maintain the existing local streets and roads network, local governments have wasted no time in immediately putting this funding to use, with approximately $125 million already spent on transportation projects at the local level alone. SB 1 will deliver over $15 billion for local transportation projects to cities and counties over the next 10 years.
The early success of the Local Streets and Roads Funding Program and achieving 100 percent reporting and accountability compliance in the first cycle of a new program is attributed to the extensive outreach, education, and communications efforts by the League, the California State Association of Counties, regional transportation planning agencies and the CTC.
As confirmed in the 2018 Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment, SB 1 will reduce the transportation-funding shortfall for cities and counties by $18 billion over the next 10 years and bring up over two-thirds of the local network into a state of good repair, while improving the safety of the roads Californians use daily.

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