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No on Prop. 6 Press Conference in San Diego Delivers Strong Message on this Destructive Ballot Measure

Over $5 Billion in Existing Transportation Funds will be cut if Voters Pass Prop. 6

September 20, 2018
The No on Prop. 6 coalition hosted a press conference on Monday, Sept. 17 in San Diego. 
The event served to drive home the message that Prop. 6 is an attack on bridge and road safety and that the stakes are high this November if voters don’t reject this dangerous measure.
Statewide, Prop. 6 eliminates more than $5 billion annually in existing transportation funds and stops funding for more than 6,500 bridge and road safety, transportation and public transit improvement projects currently underway throughout California.
On Monday, League Executive Director Carolyn Coleman joined representatives from the California Alliance for Jobs, the California Professional Firefighters, the American Society of Civil Engineers and Circulate San Diego at the Hanson Asphalt Plant in Miramar.
The stakes are high in San Diego where Prop. 6 would eliminate more than $1.5 billion in the next decade if it passes and jeopardize hundreds of projects that are transforming the region. According to nonpartisan American Road & Transportation Builders Association, Prop. 6 threatens $13.8 billion in economic activity in the region in the next decade.
file-6-(2).jpeg“If Prop. 6 passes, construction will come to a grinding halt in every city and county in the state, wasting money and making road conditions even worse. Prop. 6 also undermines the will of the voters. That’s because voters overwhelmingly passed Prop. 69 in June preventing Sacramento politicians from raiding transportation funds and ensuring these funds are only used for transportation improvements,” said Coleman. 
Mike Massone with the California Professional Firefighters stressed the ways in which Prop. 6 poses a grave danger to first responders. "Fire professionals can’t fight a blazing wildfire or respond to a crisis if our roads and bridges can’t get us to the emergency, and evacuees rely on safe roads and bridges if wildfires do occur. This is the threat that Prop 6 poses. We cannot afford to lose critical projects upgrading roads, bridges, freeways and local roads.”
Engineers, like Jim Frost with the American Society of Civil Engineers, warned of the danger from not having adequate funding to fix and maintain infrastructure. “As a civil engineer, I know what needs to be done to make our roads and bridges safer, and our transit systems more efficient. The reality is filling in potholes, removing bottlenecks and rehabilitating bridges requires a long- term plan with an eye toward investment in our transportation system’s safety and resilience.”
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